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Buy Shoutouts From Trusted Creators

It’s difficult to find the right influencers with the right audience for your campaign. You are spending time and money on influencers that are not delivering results. In PRWire360,you can buy shoutouts from influencers with numerous addons for your targeted audience! In your platform, you can easily find an influencer with the relevant audience that matches your goals and budget. All you have to do is tell us who you want to reach, what kind of content you want them to share.

Why Choose Us

Access to the right influencers never been so easy

Addons for some extra freedom

With PRWire360, you can basically choose and customize your PR activities at the most granular level. You can not only find your preferred influencers here, but also you get to buy addons from them that seem relevant for your content. Addons are basically different packs for you to choose how and where you want your content to be showcased.

Easy to find the right influencers

PRWire360 offers a large network of influencers from different industries with a large audience. Based on your target audience and budget, you can find the right influencers and their offerings in just a few clicks.

Earn as an influencer

If you are an influencer yourself, you can now earn money with the help of our platform. Sign up on our platform, add what addons you can offer to your customers and wait for the right one to approach you.

How It Works

Sign Up in PRWire360

Once you sign up on our platform, you get access to the whole tool with lists of journalists, influencers, addons, PR agencies and so much more.

Purchase Addons

Once you choose your influencer, you can view their addons list. If you are logged in, you'll get to purchase that addon for your next PR plan.

Pick an Influencer

You don't need to sign up to view the influencers' list and pick your preferred ones. You just visit their archive, do your research and decide on whom you choose to do the job for you.

Instagram Shoutout

Instagram influencer Marketing is the new hype worldwide. In recent years, Instagram Marketing has become a way of living for lots of young generations. So, it's time you also planned out your marketing blueprints and spent the major budget on hiring Instagram content creators.

Facebook Shoutout

In the current era, who doesn't have a Facebook account? Yes you are right, everyone. With Facebook being the 'Superlative Social Media', Facebook Influencer Marketing is becoming more famous with the passing of time.

Twitter shoutout

Nowadays, every celebrity or influencer that you can possibly name is on Twitter. So, which platform can be better than this for reaching out to the most refined audience? Yes, you are right. None.

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