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A global leader in infographicnews distribution.

Introduced and highlighted the importance of Infographic PR, to empower publishers to express beyond words.

Adapts to the standards of the cyber age & bolsters freedom of expression.



The traditional ideal length of a press release is about 300 to 400 words, this is because in the early 20th century, they were keeping in mind the size of the Paper i.e. an A4 side.

Nowadays, press release distribution companies continue to follow the trend and customers have to Pay extra for word overages, images and links.
Limiting words = undermining Freedom of Expression



Write an engaging & interactive Press Release

No Word Limit

Limiting words means limiting creativity & undermining Freedom of Expression.

No Links limit

Integrate your social media links and other avenues to engage your audience.

No Graphic Limit

Liberty to add your graphics to News Release.

Our Package

We Ensure your press release gets distributed to high quality news and media websites.

Pro 360

$49 / each

1 Press release that never expires

One Press release that never expires

Ideal for Startups and small business

Unlimited word count

Placement on Fox/NBC affiliate news & media websites

75+ Distribution end-points

Placement on CapitalNews360

Multimedia & Videos

Pro Plus 360

$199 / each

Pro Plus 360 Package

Permanent placement

Ideal for growing business

Unlimited word count

Placement on major regional and global media channels

100+ Distribution end-points


Boss 360

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Boss 360

Unlimited words

Placement on Major Regional and Global Media Channels

400 Distribution End Points



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