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Get your stories to your audience without having to break the bank when using our press release distribution. Our press release distribution services help you get coverage and reach your target audience quickly and efficiently.

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Your entire PR workflow in one, easy-to-use tool

PRwire360 offers a wide range of features and tools to make your PR workflow super easy. We offer feature-rich press release editor with tons of options supporting multiple languages and a wide range of addons to target the right audience anywhere in the world. And guess what, you can do it from wide range of devices including your laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Manage All The Press Releases Easily

Our one-stop platform allows you to create, publish and manage all your clients press releases. Our long list of useful add-ons helps you to easily choose and target the right audience in different industries and regions.

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Send Press Releases to Your Own Pool of Journalists

PRWire360 offers you a wide pool of journalists and influencers to ensure maximum reach of your press releases. As a PR Agency, you can also upload your own list of journalists send them your publication requests.

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Get Influencer Shoutouts

Getting your contents viral in social media can often be very helpful for your clients. In PRWire360, you have the option to choose from a number of social media influencers who are ready to share or tweet your press release in their account, making your content instantly available to a broader audience.

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Live Reports of your press releases

After you publish your press release into PRWire360, you can monitor the syndication stats live in the system. You know how many times your content was read, the number of shares to social media and many more. Our platform makes all these processes super easy.

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Why Choose Us

One platform to manage them all

Create and Pitch The Content

Create and submit your press release in less than 5 minutes in multiple languages and wide audience in any niche. Our editors review the content and provide feedback instantly. When approved, you can publish it immediately or schedule it for later.

Send Contents to the right People

Once published, you can share your press release in the newsroom to the journalists and influencers who can help your content reach the right audience. We offer handpicked pool of journalists, bloggers and social media influencers who are ready to help you right away.

Customer Success

As a PR agency, you are helping your clients with their press releases targeted to the right audience. PRWire360 offers everything you need to ensure the maximum reach of your content in relevant media and social channels with an affordable price.

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